WhatsApp Bot for Business

Raise your sales and contact with clients in a popular messenger

high conversion and cheap requests
for each
can replace sale manager

What is WhatsApp Bot?

WhatsApp Bot is a business tool for attracting and keeping clients in the most popular messenger.

There are more than 2 billion active users in WhatsApp. They regularly make appointments with friends, exchange photos and discuss new projects with colleagues.

Just imagine your Bot amongthese chats/ You’ve never been so close to your clients.

What you must know about WhatsApp Bots.

What can WhatsApp Bot do?How can you use it in business?Here are answers to these questions.They are given by Sergei Geraskov - CEO of SynergyBot and the founder of izziBot - largest platform of WhatsApp Bot in Europe

The opportunities of WhatsApp Bot.

  • You can contact unlimited number of users using any language.
  • You can work 24/7 and 365 days a year.
  • You can deliver news, inform about discounts and actions.
  • You can integrate new members into CRM systems: amoCRM, Bitrix24, Yclients, GetCourse and collect their ideas and views.
  • Congratulate on Birthdays.

List of Business using ChatBot

  • Beauty
  • Medicine
  • Building and repairing
  • Design
  • Furniture
  • Delivering
  • Cafes, restaurants and bars
  • Ciurses and trainings
  • Meetings
  • Information
  • Carshops
  • Car service
  • Hotels
  • Service
  • Logistics
Have you found your option? Call us and we’ll help you to choose the Bot you need for your business.

WhatsApp Bot advantages

  • 90% smartphone users have this messenger.
  • Easy and quick mounting: it takes 2-7 days to start Bot.
  • You needn’t have a site: Bot itself chooses traffic, divides it on groups and sends to CRM.
  • Adverts without limits: you can advertise Bot in Instagram, Facebook, posts by bloggers.
  • t states and keeps contacts of those who send messages to Bot.

We designed our own platform for creating WhatsApp Bots - SynergyBot

It provides easy and quick integration
with WhatsApp Business API

SynergyBot is an official partner of provider of WhatsApp Business. It allows us quickly state client's channels without mediators.

Allows to quickly implement changes
To exchange the functions of Bot you needn’t line up to designers. Just write to a manager.

Allowed to everyone
Every day we make the platform bette. Clients are allowed to get new options immediately.

It is supported by experienced team
The members of our team regularly develop their qualification. Thanks to this fact our managers are always correct. They can quickly answer questions. designers can add changers.

Examples of Bots

E.g. Before using Bot a Hiking Company got offers with help of adverts. They cost 12-20 Euro.After using WhatsApp Bot advert expenses were reduced to 10 times.
58, 2%
1,53 Euro
Bid price

Synergy Bot Company

We offer complex decisions and different services needed to your business maximum immersion in the problem and experience in dealing with customers of different branches make our chatbotsan effective tool for each client.

Our 30 experienced specialists

know everything about the world of chatbots

3 years

of work with different

2000 cases

successful cases

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